Collection: Trendy Mature Fashion

Shopping online for trendy mature fashion has never been easier. AOK Clothing provides considered garments for women over 50 right through to women at 100. 

Contrary to popular belief, women over 50 can be stylish and fashionable. Many mature ladies have gained a greater sense of confidence and self that is reflected in their wardrobe. Older women refuse to be invisible, frumpy, and out of touch with fashion trends. Indeed, many of the trendiest fashion icons are over 50! Women in their 50s have a better understanding of how to dress to express who they are.

Go for Classic Looks at AOK Clothing

AOK Clothing has selected the best collection of high-quality, fashion-forward, and effortless garments amounting to trendy mature fashion for seniors. Our Seniors Clothing are proudly made from natural fibres like Merino, Possum, Linen, and Cotton that are so resilient, they remain in great condition for years. This is why our stylish and comfortable pieces are so popular at retirement villages.

AOK Clothing Mobile Shop at Retirement Villages

Starting in Timaru in 2004, we took our first big step towards gaining a broader audience in 2015 when we added our first mobile van. With only a few items, it didn't take long to expand our stock, staff, and service area – now we operate two vans in both islands visiting retirement villages and communities throughout the North and South Islands

We’re passionate about helping our senior citizens stay stylish and comfortable without sacrificing quality! We travel all around New Zealand, taking our expertise to over 200 pop-up events annually. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is renowned in the senior community!