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Merino Possum - An Undeniable Quality Fibre

The possum fiber in Merino possum knitwear is uniquely designed to provide exceptional warmth, making it perfect for chilly weather. Despite its incredible warmth, it remains surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Possum fur adds a touch of luxury with its soft and silky feel, often compared to cashmere. When combined with durable merino wool, this knitwear is resistant to pilling and wearing out, ensuring years of use with proper care. Furthermore, merino wool's natural moisture-wicking abilities keep you dry and comfortable while also naturally resisting odors.


Experience the benefits of merino possum knitwear, - hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and environmentally friendly with the use of possum fur. Stay comfortable in all weather conditions thanks to its breathability, and enjoy easy care with minimal washing needed. Refresh your wardrobe with this versatile, eco-friendly choice from AOK Clothing.