Collection: Look Book - Southern Lights - Merino Possum

The Southern Lights Collection features our Merino Possum range.

Merino Possum is a unique New Zealand product that rates highly for warmth and wearability.

Merino wool and possum fur are both known for their exceptional insulating properties, making garments made from a blend of the two materials incredibly warm and cozy.

Possum fur adds a unique sheen to the fabric, giving it a luxurious and distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other types of wool blends.

    Merino Possum at AOK Clothing

    Luxurious and long-lasting, this exceptional blend of sustainable Merino and Possum offers warmth without the weight.

    Luxuriously soft, our jackets, cardigans and vests offer a combination of fashion and practicality. The fabric's luxurious feel and warmth provide a stylish option for cool weather attire and keeps you comfortable in the chill.