The rise of Merino Wool in today’s fashion

In a world of fast fashion and huge levels of consumerism, there are now indications in the clothing industry that the appetite for fast fashion is waning.

Fast fashion has faced increasing criticism in recent years for its negative impact on the environment, worker exploitation, and contribution to overconsumption. As a result, there has been a growing movement towards sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

With many consumers becoming more conscious of the environmental and social implications of fast fashion, they are choosing to support brands like AOK Clothing that prioritise sustainability and ethical production. 

AOK Clothing prides itself on its tag line “Where style and natural fibres meet” .

Starting out as a business that knitted their own knitwear right here in New Zealand, the business has grown and developed their own brand of clothing specialising in quality merino knitwear. 

Merino was the obvious choice for AOK Clothing because of its natural properties. Merino wool is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

Making it a popular choice for our customers when choosing clothing items like jumpers, scarves, and socks. It is also naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, meaning it can help regulate body temperature and keep the wearer cool and dry in both warm and cool weather, ideal for our New Zealand market.

AOK Clothing chooses to use 100%NZ Merino wool as it is also a sustainable and eco-friendly option in fashion, as it is biodegradable and renewable.

 The sheep that produce merino wool are bred and raised just beyond our doorstep in the high country of the South Island in New Zealand - a region renowned for perfect sheep growing conditions. The flocks are shorn annually without harm to the animals. Additionally, merino wool is known for its durability and long-lasting quality, making it a timeless and investment-worthy choice for our customers.

More and more international fashion brands have begun incorporating merino wool into their collections, both as a sustainable and luxury option.

Merino wool is a natural fibre made from the wool of merino sheep. It is characterised by high durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Initially, it was used primarily in the production of utilitarian clothing, such as military or work wear. A pivotal moment in the history of the widespread use of Merino wool came when the iconic fashion house Coco Chanel used this material to create the legendary “little black dress” after World War I

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Consequently, this pivitol dress made a huge impact on the fashion industry due to the luxuriousness of the Chanel brand. It was not long after the influential designer Christian Dior began to use wool within his couture designs, around the design period referred to as “The new look” collection prominently featured this material. Today, all major fashion houses work with top merino wool producers to create high-quality garments that captivate consumers.

From high-end designers to outdoor and activewear brands, merino wool is becoming a popular choice for its versatility and performance.

With its rise in popularity, merino wool is expected to continue to be a staple in fashion for years to come.

Overall, the future of fast fashion remains uncertain, but it is clear that there is a growing demand for more ethical and sustainable fashion options like wool, linen and cotton.  It is likely that fast fashion companies will need to adapt to these changing consumer preferences in order to remain relevant in the industry.

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