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Merino Clothing NZ has long been established as the perfect choice for many New Zealanders for retaining body heat over the Winter months.

 Why does merino wool keep you so warm?

The warmth-to-weight ratio of merino wool is one of the materials' appeals. The fabric is warmer than a synthetic of the same weight because of the inherent loft it has, which retains heat between the strands. Yet it's also beneficial in hot weather because merino wool is excellent at regulating body temperature.

The solution for keeping yourself warm and comfortable this winter is quality Merino Thermals NZ.

At AOK Clothing, one of our core knitwear’s that we source is quality fine Merino.

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This fine merino is what make our underwear range perfect for everyday wear. Shop our range of merino thermals NZ by clicking on this link. Here you will find a great range of womens and mens fine merino singlets, and merino long john pants.

Merino Possum Knitwear for unrivalled warmth.

One of the world's most opulent fibres is produced when you combine the finest merino with possum fur that is ethically sourced right here in New Zealand

Possum merino is not only exquisite and opulent, but also an essential piece for every winter wardrobe as it is exceptionally light, cosy, and versatile.

Possum merino is extremely low maintenance, and in the cooler months, its adaptability and breathable qualities make it the ideal choice for your wardrobe.


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What makes the Possum Merino Blend superior in warmth?

Merino wool is a lovely fibre on its own and makes gorgeous clothing. Possum fibre, on the other hand, creates a sumptuous combination that is soft, lightweight, and ideal for all seasons when combined with our other fibres such as Merino. 

Possum fur is used to create a unique, opulent blend that is 35% warmer than cashmere by itself and 55% warmer than sheep wool. 

Possum fur's hollow structure collects and encases heat in its tiny chambers. Its structure closely resembles that of a polar bear! 

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Ticking the box for sustainability

Both fibres are created from 100% natural and sustainable sources with limited travel miles as both are sourced within New Zealand.

Perfect for everyday wear

Possum merino is a very versatile blend that works well in many types of temperatures and weather. 

Possum fur has a special structure that makes it water resistant and perfect for winter weather. Merino wool is also renowned for performing superbly when wet and will continue to lock in heat without becoming heavy or uncomfortable. 

You won't overheat because the natural blend is breathable and acts as a temperature regulator. It is therefore ideal for the change from day to night.

Enjoy the benefits of your Merino or Merino Possum Garment for many seasons ahead.

Merino Possum is a unique fabric that is unmatched in its opulent feel, durability, and warming characteristics. These garments will become an essential part of your everyday wear as the winter months approach.


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