How to wash Merino

Buying natural fibres is great, however, for some, the washing process seems daunting. As experts in the field, having had 30 years of experience with fine merino products, we thought we should share our trusted washing advice.


We advise you to hand wash your Merinos, however, you can wash on a cool wool cycle in the Machine at your own risk. There is no need to dry clean.

Here are the washing instructions:

- Use a cool or cold water temperature.

- Wash dark colours separately.

- Use a wool-approved liquid (Like Softly or Kindness).

- Dry flat in shade away from direct sunlight. Hang over a line, avoid peg marks.

NEVER use the dryer- if you do it may shrink.

- Cool iron if required- you shouldn’t need to iron at all if dried flat or just hung with no pegs.


- Do not soak.

- Do not use hot water.

- Do not use soaps, spot cleaner, whiteners, bleach or fabric softener. Bleach or whitening laundry products are too harsh for the natural wool fibres 

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