Choose sustainable over fast fashion.

The benefit of choosing timeless styles over fast fashion trends.

Fast fashion has reached a limit that is now an unsustainable point that we all need to be aware of and to avoid for the benefit of future generations.

Fast fashion refers to the business model of producing inexpensive, trendy clothing to respond rapidly to the latest fashion trends. This model is characterized by short production times, small quantities, and frequent replenishments. It enables brands to sell up-to-date, trendy items originated from catwalks, street-style, and celebrities. However, fast fashion has been criticized for contributing to poor working conditions, negative environmental impact, and waste.

At AOK Clothing, our garments are either made here in New Zealand or by quality, correctly paid manufacturers in Italy, where the working conditions match the same quality as our New Zealand manufacturing industries do. As our garments are created from sustainable natural fibres, the possibility of our products adding to a negative environmental impact is minute.

Our tagline, “Where Style and Natural Fibres Meet” remains a cornerstone of our business.

AOK Clothing’s style DNA is effortless, comfortable, and timeless - with a classic simplicity that comes from being created from quality, sustainable fibres and components.

Born from an innate love of providing men and women with quality textiles and fashion, the brand is building into a reliable, comfortable, and respected New Zealand label.

AOK Clothing's designs are feminine, with classic cuts and stylish and flattering silhouettes. Our collections feature bespoke Merino, Merino Possum garments, and signature prints from Liberty of London for our blouses that add versatility to any wardrobe, moving from season to season with ease.

We remain focused on a few key principles: quality, confidence, versatility, timelessness, and ease. Will this piece make our customer feel confident? Can they wear it around the house and out to lunch with friends? Can our customers get longevity out of the garment for many seasons to come?

We value style over fast fashion and quality over quantity. As an independent business, we are committed to what our customers look for in our range and adapt designs to accommodate this.

We believe that our brand stands for fashionable, sleek, and beautiful clothing that has been created from quality, sustainable fibres. Our garments are perfect for comfortable everyday living.

When you invest in a garment from AOK Clothing, you are purchasing a timeless piece that will not add to the world of Fast Fashion - You are choosing quality and style over quantity.

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